operation Magic All Stars

proudly serving our military family

Operation Magic All Stars features magic’s most exciting and talented entertainers. By spotlighting the world’s finest sleight-of-hand artists, comedy magicians, mentalists, illusionists, and variety artists, Operation Magic All Stars delivers entertainment, amazement, and laughter to the men, women, and families of the United States Armed Forces.

Every member of Operation Magic All Stars proudly serves our military family by bringing deep appreciation and sharing a sense of home to those stationed overseas and stateside. We do this by providing the highest caliber show, participating in unit visits, meet and greets, commander’s calls, and entertaining in both formal and informal settings.

In a world where entertainment can be offensive and inappropriate, Operation Magic All Stars appeals to both adult and family audiences who yearn for high-quality, clean entertainment that everyone will rave about.

Wonder What an Operation Magic All Stars Show is Like? it’s like this…

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Enjoy a few of our favorite memories…