You Can Do the Impossible, Too! The Book

How One Man Overcame Tourette’s Syndrome to Become an Acclaimed Professional Magician and How You, Too, Can Live Your Biggest, Boldest Life

"This Book Made Me Dream Again! He [Jason] is so encouraging. If you have 'Dead Dreams' this is the "pick me up" you've been waiting for! Highly Recommended."  - Alexander G.

"Not A Magic Book, but a book to challenge you to learn from your defining life moments and do the impossible in your life! This is not just a book about a magician or a disease, but about having defining moments in your life and learning to live BIG!"  - L.R.Court

"I'm an entrepreneur. I've started and sold several businesses. I don't want to ruin Jason's punch line - so I will just say that the three tenets of his "Live B.I.G." message should, in my opinion, be a cornerstone of every entrepreneur's daily thinking. If you're a business owner, I encourage you to read this inspirational book as something very different than the normal 'Business Book'. Follow along with his story. And then apply the principals, daily, to your own situation."  - James Archer

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Everyone deserves to live the life of their dreams. Oftentimes, however, on our way to living our dream lives, we are faced with impossible challenges – from disease, to poverty, to self-limiting beliefs, even family and friends who don’t believe in us.

If your dream life has been derailed by a harsh, cruel world, don’t worry – you are not alone!

Jason Michaels faced an impossible challenge when, as a teenager, he dreamed of overcoming the odds to become a professional entertainer and actor, even though he suffered from the debilitating neurological disorder Tourette’s Syndrome. 

In between uncontrollable vocalizations and rapid, repetitive twitching movements, he accomplished his dreams and became a multi-award-winning professional magician and motivational speaker who has entertained and spoken to audiences in over a dozen countries around the world. 

This is Jason’s remarkable and inspirational story.


•    The principles and techniques he discovered to become a success in business and in life.
•    How, as a teenager, he identified and began working toward living the life of his dreams.
•    A vulnerable and honest perspective of what it’s like to live with an uncontrollable disorder that often alienates and embarrasses him.
•    Incredible true adventures from his career as a professional magician.
•    Several of his favorite magic tricks that he teaches you how to do!

Read Jason’s story today and you will be inspired and motivated to overcome the impossible challenges and overwhelming odds in your life, too!

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In His Book, Jason Shares True Stories and Adventures from His Career as a Professional Magician & Illusionist

Enjoy performance videos of some of the illusions he refers to in the book!