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Professional Corporate Entertainment Guaranteed to Blow You Away!

Avoid having a boring meeting, awards ceremony, or special event dinner by partnering with a dynamic corporate entertainment professional.

You, your friends, and associates will have fun, will laugh loud and will laugh often with Jason Michaels’s professional corporate entertainment. When you partner with The CardShark, Jason Michaels, you can guarantee lots of laughter and fun - and all the energizing, stress-reducing benefits that come with it.

Professional corporate entertainment, provided by Jason Michaels, focuses on your needs. By partnering with you and your team, Jason will bring fun and amazement to your company’s corporate event that is guaranteed to amuse, amaze, and entertain. And by customizing his show, Jason is able to create a unique experience that combines your company’s message into his corporate entertainment.

Imagine a sales meeting that is dynamic, funny, and amazing that highlights and drives home the message you want your sales team or guests to remember. Impossible, you say? Jason Michaels does the impossible every day.

When you engage the corporate entertainment talents of Jason Michaels, you have a money-back guarantee that your executives, your teammates, and your associates will pat you on the back and congratulate you for the most entertaining, most fun event you've ever planned.

In fact, Bob Mackie of Institutional Wholesale said this about working with Jason, “We received so many compliments from our employees that this was one of the best events that we’ve had. They absolutely loved your show. We would highly recommend your show to anyone looking for good entertainment. Your act is full of clean humor and the way you involved the audience was hilarious. Working with you to schedule your act for our event was easy with no problems.”

Corporate Entertainment by Jason Michaels

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Jason Michaels shares proven, go-to corporate entertainment solutions for private and corporate events.

Video Transcript - 

Are you looking for the perfect corporate entertainment for your upcoming conference, special event, VIP reception, or banquet?

Hi, I’m Corporate Magician Jason Michaels.  Over the last twenty-five years I’ve had the pleasure of working with Fortune 500 companies, private clients, and event professionals all over the world providing the perfect solution for their corporate entertainment needs.

Today I’m pleased to share with you two very different ideas that have proven to be corporate entertainment gold.

First, let’s talk about one of the biggest hurdles that you will have to overcome…the stale corporate event.  We’ve all been there.  And it typically looks like this – a hotel banquet room, a bunch of tired looking people, and some sort of food and beverage.  The question is…how do you make your event different, how do you make it stand out from every other corporate meeting, reception, or dinner?

The solution is to find a way to easily get people interacting, talking, and having fun.  So what does that look like?  

Corporate Entertainment Solution #1 looks like interactive magic, mindreading, and sleight of hand entertainment.  If you’ve never had someone peek into your thoughts and tell you your deepest secret…if you’ve never experienced a close-up magician live and in person…if you’ve watched television and thought, “Hey, I bet if I saw it live I could figure it out,” then you are in for a treat.

Most people will never meet an internationally award-winning magician live and in person.  Give your guests the gift of amazement, laughter, and fun and they will rave to their friends, family, and associates how much fun your event was.  

So, if interactive close-up magic is the first solution to solving your corporate entertainment needs, then what is the second solution?

Corporate Entertainment Solution #2 is a dynamic, engaging program that will appeal to millennials as well as baby boomers.

How do you appeal to an audience of men and women of different ages, tastes, and backgrounds?  The answer is to provide corporate entertainment that crosses cultural barriers, age barriers, and language barriers.  An interactive magic and illusion program designed to be visually impressive, to engage your guest’s imaginations, and to ‘wow’ them with genuine impossibilities is the second perfect solution.  

The experience of genuine amazement and deep astonishment is one of the most rare, most beautiful experiences we can have.

Are you ready to incorporate these two solutions into your upcoming event?  Each of these corporate entertainment solutions promises to be a success.   Combine the two, allow them to complement each other, and your guests will talk about your event for the rest of their lives.

Ok, those are my two perfect solutions for your corporate entertainment needs.  I’m Corporate Magician Jason Michaels.  Reach out to me with any questions or for further information about my entertainment and speaking services.  Thanks!