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A motivational Keynote on Resilience, Overcoming Adversity & High performance

Jason Michaels punched me in the face. No, not literally, but damn near close. I have seen him perform his magic to large crowds and one on one, but I was not ready for his motivational talk on how to Live Big! I was instantaneously encouraged, energized and motivated to not let anything stand in my way. We are always told to pursue our passions, but we are not encouraged enough to push through any/all obstacles. If you want your team to take over the world, Jason Michaels will help get them there!
— Bo Jennings, Executive Director-Maple Ridge Events

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This is how Jason Grabs Your Audience's Attention from the Very Beginning

It's so intense and powerful you could hear a pin drop in a room full of cynics!



Excellence in our professional and personal lives isn’t easy. Adversity lurks around the corner. Obstacles appear out of nowhere. Suddenly our once-attainable goals seem out of reach and impossible to achieve.

Developing the power of resilience gives us the strength to handle stress and hardship on our way to becoming high performers. Enter Jason Michaels…

Jason uses his true story of living with Tourette Syndrome - a misunderstood, debilitating neurological disorder – to connect with your professionals, teach resilience in the face of overwhelming adversity, and share how he defied all the naysayers who said it would be impossible to live his dream of becoming a successful entertainer and business person.

With a best-selling book under his belt and standing ovations in twenty countries, when Jason teaches his LIVE B.I.G. system to your audience, he will educate them on three high-performance techniques that will empower them to accomplish their loftiest professional goals, too.

By connecting with your people through his unbelievable true story, involving everyone in interactive demonstrations, and teaching his LIVE B.I.G. system, Jason will inspire and motivate your team to #DOTHEIMPOSSIBLE today!

Your audience will leave with these Takeaways:

  1. A real-world example of high performance and resilience that created a global icon.

  2. Unforgettable, interactive demonstrations that illustrate how "the impossible" becomes possible.

  3. The one thing that MUST precede action in a results-oriented culture.

  4. A simple, yet powerful lesson about overcoming fear and adversity.

  5. How to turn the power of imagination into real, tangible results.


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Don't Be Fooled! These Reviewers Tell the Truth About Jason!

All I can say about Jason Michaels TEDx talk is “WOW”. He was by far one of the most interesting TEDx speakers I have ever gotten the chance to listen to. He draws you in with the most interesting stories and magic tricks.... and then blows your mind when he talks about his personal story. Definitely looking forward to having the chance to hear him speak again.
— David Levine - Professor, PhD, UT Chattanooga, TEDx UTChattanooga
Jason took charge in creating a talk that was compelling and engaging for the audience. Between compelling slides, several on-stage magic tricks, and a great story, Jason hit it out of the park.
— Hana Elliott, organizer TEDx Nashville
I truly appreciate how you worked with us so much to meld part of your show to include personalizations to our business...we appreciate all you did to make our banquet an unforgettable one.
— Tammie Brace-Turnipseed - NEC, Inc.

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