Hook, Line, and Sinker: The Anatomy of a Scam

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Hook, Line, & Sinker: The Anatomy of a Scam

According to the Justice Department, Americans lose billions of dollars to fraud every year. In 2011, the American public lost over $485 million in online scams alone! And Javelin Strategy and Research reports that every two seconds someone will become a victim of identity fraud.

According to Jason Michaels, a professional speaker and entertainer with expert knowledge of how scams work, "The trick to scamming someone is to 'get them under the ether'. Once they are in this heightened emotional state it becomes difficult to make rational decisions." Jason was the victim of a real estate con and lost almost $10,000 right out of college.

In this segment Jason will share with your viewers from his recent TEDx talk how The Hook creates interest, how The Line draws in potential victims, and how The Sinker empties your bank account before you even realize you are at risk. Jason will also share his S.C.A.M. formula designed to protect potential victims by following four simple steps.



In this segment Jason, who is known professionally as The CardShark, will use a deck of cards and his interactive sleight-of-hand skills to demonstrate how easy it is to be distracted and fall prey to everyday scams and cons.

He will also talk about how studying the "art of deception" has opened his eyes to how easy it is to manipulate people's attention and perception.

Infamous Con Men in History

  • Count Victor Lustig sold the Eiffel Tower to private citizens, not once, not twice...but, six times before fleeing the country!
  • Bernard Madoff scammed investors out of $65 billion dollars.
  • Frank Abagnale, Jr. posed as a pilot, a doctor, a U.S. Bureau of Prisons agent, and a lawyer before being caught, serving time in prison, and having a movie written about his life - Catch Me If You Can (starring Leonardo Dicaprio).

S.C.A.M. Formula

Stop - Stop and don't make any quick decisions. Most scammers will try to impose a false deadline or something time sensitive to force you to make a decision you wouldn't normally make.

Consider - Consider if the request is reasonable. Many scams rely on emotional hooks to get you involved. Someone who tries to draw you in with a sob story about how their family is sitting in their car that just ran out of gas down the street after a recent trip to the hospital for their sick child may be up to no good.

Ask - Ask a third party if the person's story or request sounds legitimate. Investments that appear too good to be true and that promise a larger return than average may be a scam.

Move Away - Move away or discontinue conversation with anyone that you think may be trying to scam you. Con artists are criminals who are trying to take advantage of you. Contact law enforcement immediately and report the details of your encounter.


Contact and Additional Information

Jason Michaels is a multi-time TEDx speaker, an internationally award-winning sleight of hand artist, and was scammed out of $10,000 in a real estate con right out of college.

He has had the pleasure of entertaining celebrities including Martina McBride, Kix Brooks, Wynonna Judd, Derrick Mason, and Tony Orlando.

Contact: Jason Michaels - 615-521-6850 or jm@jasonmichaelsmagic.com