You can do the impossible, too!

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You Can Do the Impossible, Too!

According to the Parkinson's Disease Foundation, movement disorders affect 40 million Americans. Nearly 1 in 7 Americans suffer from chronic, debilitating conditions that affect the ability to control movement and make it difficult - even impossible - to do the routine things in life.

According to Jason Michaels, who lives with Tourette Syndrome, "The world is filled with people who tell us things are impossible. My life, for the last twenty-three years, has been about doing the impossible by overcoming an uncontrollable movement disorder to become an award-winning magician, speaker, and entertainer."

In this segment Jason will share from his recent TEDx talk about how your viewers "can do the impossible" in their own lives by following Jason's "Do the Impossible Formula" and living B.I.G. Your audience will learn how Belief shapes our lives, why Imagination helps us see beyond present frustrations, and how to Go forth and live bigger, fuller lives.

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In this segment Jason, who is known professionally as The CardShark, will use a deck of cards and his interactive sleight-of-hand skills to demonstrate how he does "the impossible" in his live programs and how your viewing audience can overcome "the impossible" in their own lives.

Celebrities with Movement Disorders

  • Tim Howard, Athlete- US Soccer Team (Tourette Syndrome)
  • Dan Ackroyd, Actor/Comedian (Tourette Syndrome)
  • Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Composer (Tourette Syndrome)
  • Michael J. Fox, Actor (Parkinson's)
  • Muhammad Ali, Athlete-Boxer (Parkinson's)
  • Ben Petrick, Athlete-Colorado Rockies (Parkinson's)
  • Janet Reno, Former Attorney General (Parkinson's)
  • Linda Ronstadt, Singer (Parkinson's)

Do the Impossible Formula-Live B.I.G.!

Belief - The things we believe about ourselves are what shape out lives. We are limited only by our beliefs.

Imagine - Vividly imagine yourself accomplishing your biggest, loftiest dreams and overcoming your obstacles. Albert Einstein said, "Only those who can see the invisible, can do the impossible."

Go - Go forth and take step-by-step action. Only by going out into the world and taking action can we overcome our barriers and live the life of our dreams.


Contact and Additional Information

Jason Michaels is a multi-time TEDx speaker, an internationally award-winning magician, and an overcomer of the debilitating disorder Tourette Syndrome. He has had the pleasure of entertaining celebrities including Martina McBride, Kix Brooks, Wynonna Judd, Derrick Mason, and Tony Orlando.

Contact: Jason Michaels - 615-521-6850 or