Scam Expert and Sleight-of-Hand Artist Jason Michaels Exposes the Secrets of Con Artists, Fortune Tellers, and Card Cheats in Live, Interactive Show-The CardShark

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Jason Michaels is...The CardShark

For over two decades Jason Michaels has entertained audiences all over the world by cheating and lying to them. A professional magician and speaker by trade, Jason has used the skills of con artists, fortune tellers, and card cheats to amaze, entertain, and educate. 

January 28-30 at Bongo After Hours Theatre in Nashville, TN, Jason will star in The CardShark, an autobiographical, interactive, sleight of hand show that exposes the secrets of deception commonly used by scammers and cheats.

Nearly two decades in the making, The CardShark features Jason Michaels’ award-winning close-up magic while he shares the lessons he’s learned after being the victim of several scams perpetrated by loved ones, close friends, and con artists.


In This Segment Jason Will Share With Your Viewers the Following Scams...

Fortune Tellers – Why you can’t trust psychics and fortune tellers in person or on television.

Card Cheats and Marked Cards – Jason will demonstrate how simple it is to check a deck of cards to make sure they aren’t marked.

Street Scams like The 3 Card Monte and Why You Can’t Win – Think you can “buck the tiger” and win at the street hustle known as the 3 Card Monte? You can’t. Jason explains why.



In this segment, Jason will use a deck of cards and his interactive sleight of hand skills to demonstrate close-up magic that is featured in his show live show The CardShark.

He will also talk about how easy it is to be distracted and fall prey to everyday scams like fortune tellers and street cons.


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Jason Michaels is a multi-time TEDx speaker, an internationally award-winning sleight of hand artist, and was scammed out of $10,000 in a real estate con right out of college.

He has had the pleasure of entertaining celebrities including Martina McBride, Kix Brooks, Wynonna Judd, Derrick Mason, and Tony Orlando.

Jason's show The CardShark is a live, interactive, sleight of hand show -

Contact: Jason Michaels - 615-521-6850 or;