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Thanks to Jason, we had the busiest booth on the trade show floor and our private training session was the talk of the weekend. We couldn’t have had such a rewarding weekend without Jason.
— Chad Welechenko, Director of Marketing - Everyday Shorts
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Do You Need to Draw a Crowd to Your Trade Show Booth?

Would you like to guarantee a fun, exciting atmosphere that creates life-long memories?


Prepare to pack the aisles at your trade show when you bring in the world-class sleight-of-hand skills of The CardShark, Jason Michaels.

Jason combines your products and messages into each performance to educate and entertain the crowds gathered around your booth. Show attendees will laugh, will be amazed, and will bring their friends and associates to your booth to experience the fun and amazement that Jason will bring to your brand.

And when you partner with The CardShark you can expect audible gasps of amazement, spontaneous outbursts of laughter, and rounds of applause at your VIP reception. This specialized style of close-up entertainment takes place mere inches from everyone involved. Oftentimes the close-up miracles actually happen in the spectators’ own hands!

Let’s face it…no one can put a price on truly ‘Wowing!’ your guests and VIPs. That’s why when companies want to guarantee massive success, they engage the internationally award-winning sleight-of-hand services of Jason Michaels, The CardShark.


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Do You Want the Guests in Your Trade Show Booth or Hospitality Suite to React Like This?


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