corporate christmas party entertainment ideas


corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas that are proven and successful.

Video Transcript - 

Hi, I’m professional corporate magician and inspirational speaker Jason Michaels.  Are you looking for unique corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas?  Perfect!  You’re in the right place.

As a professional corporate entertainer I have worked with numerous companies, event planners, and private groups to brainstorm and provide engaging corporate Christmas party ideas that “Wowed” their groups.

Today, I would like to share with you three of my go-to tips that will help guarantee you provide the perfect corporate Christmas party entertainment for your guests.

  1. Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Idea #1 – Corporate Friendly.  You may have a group of folks that is super conservative, or you might have a hard partying crowd that wants to cut loose.  The right entertainer should be able to provide corporate friendly entertainment that will add to the festive atmosphere and not take away from it.  If you bring in an entertainer who crosses the line and offends someone, unfortunately, you are going to hear about it.  Stick with proven, corporate friendly entertainment.
  2. Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Idea #2 – Appeal to All Ages.  My guess is that you have a crowd with people of all ages.  What makes a corporate Christmas party challenging is that you have to find entertainment that will appeal to everyone in your group.  Cater to the thirty-somethings and the older crowd might check out early.  But if you focus solely on the older crowd, you are going to bore the up-and-comers.  The right corporate Christmas party entertainment should capture everyone’s imagination and be fun - after all it is a celebration.
  3. Corporate Christmas Party Entertainment Idea #3 – Involve.  You may be planning an informal cocktail party or a fancy banquet dinner.  No matter what the setting, you need to find a way to get each and every guest involved in your event.  The perfect corporate Christmas party entertainer should be able to involve the reserved, quiet people who are very comfortable sitting in their seats, and the life of the party guy who wants to be up in front of everyone making people laugh.  Find a way to involve each and every guest and your event will be a success.

I share these corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas with you today with the hope that you will learn from my twenty-five years of experience and incorporate these ideas into your event.  I’ve seen corporate events crash and burn, and I’ve also worked with event planners to guarantee that their event was one of the most successful events they’ve ever produced.   So, make the entertainment (1) corporate friendly, (2) appeal to all ages, and (3) get your crowd involved, and I’m confident that your guests will thank you for one of the best corporate Christmas parties they’ve ever attended.

Right now you might be wondering what entertainment solutions can fulfill all three of these ideas at the same time.  On this webpage I have listed two proven forms of entertainment that are guaranteed winners with corporate Christmas parties like yours.  One is specifically for groups seeking informal entertainment.  The other is for groups looking for a formal program.  I hope you’ll take a moment to learn more about those.

I’m Jason Michaels.  Please contact me to discuss the entertainment programs that I offer corporate groups like yours or if I can provide you with additional corporate Christmas party entertainment ideas.  Thanks!