Cootie catcher templates

These templates accompany Jason Michaels' contribution to Steve Beam's Semi-Automatic Card Tricks Volume 8.

The trick that makes all the women go...Ahhh. The best part is the magic is great too!
— Stephen Bargatze

Cootie Catcher Magic

Known around the world as a fun item that little girls fold out of a piece of paper and play with as children, the Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller is recognizable to kids six years old as well as elderly adults. With Cootie Catcher Magic you'll see their eyes light up as you perform magic that utilizes this fun, nostalgic prop.


  • The Fortune Teller (close-up and stage versions)

  • Lie Detector

  • Halloween Cootie Catcher

  • The Pickup Artist

  • How Women Make Decisions #1 & #2

  • Little Victoria's Secret

  • The Psychic's Tool Kit

Additional Tricks in the E-book:

  • Your Favorite Magician

  • Your Own Super Hero (script only)

  • Happy Birthday Cootie (script only)

  • A Gospel Cootie (script only)

What You Get - One-hundred-minute video with performances and explanations for all routines. In addition to the video, an E-book is included on the DVD with additional routines and professionally-designed templates for you to print off and use in your performances.

To order the Cootie Catcher Magic DVD, send Jason Michaels an email for details -