5 stars out of 5. Jason’s message is told in the most perfect entertaining, engaging manner. It is very motivating to all in attendance. We highly recommend Jason Michaels as a performer or motivational speaker for any event.
— Ronald Whitmore

You can do the impossible, too! - Keynote Program


You Can Do the Impossible, Too! Keynote Program

Born with Tourette Syndrome, Jason Michaels has battled the uncontrollable “tics and twitches” of the neurological disorder his entire life. In Jason’s inspirational and motivational program, “You Can Do the Impossible, Too!”, he shares his deeply personal story of dreaming a dream that everyone agreed was impossible due to his Tourette’s, then living boldly and fearlessly to achieve that dream.

Throughout his talk Jason explains and demonstrates the principles he discovered that propelled him far beyond what others believed he was capable of and helped him become a success in business and in life.

  • Inspirational speaker who motivates audiences by sharing how he overcame the debilitating neurological disorder Tourette Syndrome to become an internationally award-winning entertainer.
  • Strategically weaves humor and sleight-of-hand into each program to engage audiences and reinforce his message.
  • Expert on overcoming adversity, disability issues, inspiration, and motivation.

Subjects Addressed:

  • Inspiration and Motivation
  • Overcoming adversity
  • Disability issues
All I can say about Jason Michaels TEDx talk is “WOW”. He was by far one of the most interesting TEDx speakers I have ever gotten the chance to listen to. He draws you in with the most interesting stories and magic tricks.... and then blows your mind when he talks about his personal story. Definitely looking forward to having the chance to hear him speak again.
— David Levine - Professor, PhD, UT Chattanooga, TEDx UTChattanooga
Jason took charge in creating a talk that was compelling and engaging for the audience. Between compelling slides, several on-stage magic tricks, and a great story, Jason hit it out of the park.
— Hana Elliott, organizer TEDx Nashville
I truly appreciate how you worked with us so much to meld part of your show to include personalizations to our business...we appreciate all you did to make our banquet an unforgettable one.
— Tammie Brace-Turnipseed - NEC, Inc.

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