Jason Michaels Up Close

sleight-of-hand, Comedy, and inspirational message

(For Universities and Colleges)

The incorporation of audience participation and humor while performing illusions made for a lively and interactive event for the students, faculty, and staff of the LSU community.
— David Dessauer, Louisiana State University

Sleight of Hand Expert Jason Michaels has a secret...and it is a secret he never wanted to tell!


In his show, Jason Michaels Up Close, Jason breaks thirty years of silence and shares his unexpected life's journey.

You'll be amazed by world-class, interactive sleight-of-hand magic.

Expect to laugh out loud at Jason's comedy and situational humor.

And then be inspired when you learn of Jason's incredible secret and how it applies to your life, too!

All I can say about Jason Michaels TEDx talk is “WOW”. He was by far one of the most interesting TEDx speakers I have ever gotten the chance to listen to. He draws you in with the most interesting stories and magic tricks.... and then blows your mind when he talks about his personal story. Definitely looking forward to having the chance to hear him speak again.
— David Levine - Professor, PhD, UT Chattanooga
I would highly recommend his show to everyone.
— Cory Headley, University of Wyoming
I would encourage other colleges and universities to book Jason Michaels at their campuses. I believe they will have the same outstanding experience that we at Quincy University have had working with Jason.
— Crystal Sutter, Quincy University
You amazed the audience with your illusions while keeping them laughing.
— Michelle Brinck, Norwalk Community College
5 stars out of 5. Jason’s message is told in the most perfect entertaining, engaging manner. It is very motivating to all in attendance. We highly recommend Jason Michaels as a performer or motivational speaker for any event.
— Ronald Whitmore, Smyrna West
Jason Michaels performs impossible feats with a deck of cards.
— The Tennessean
Jason’s show completely blew us away! His magic rivals that of David Blaine.
— Andrea Byrd, J. Sargeant Reynolds C.C.
It was great to see a “sold out” event on our campus that enjoyable for everyone.
— Chris Donevant-Haines, Coastal Carolina University
If you are searching for an excellent performer who will triumph, I will suggest Jason Michaels Magic. You will not be sorry!
— Melissa Roseman, Delaware Valley College
…how and where Michaels finds cards only they [audience members] are supposed to know or have somewhere on their person is truly extraordinary.
— Marie Kilker, TotalTheater.com
A treat of tricks…entertaining and frequently surprising…his tricks are impressive and you feel constantly amazed…a fun evening.
— Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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