The Card Shark

A True Story of Scams, Cons, and Hustles

(For Performing Arts Presenters)

FANTASTIC show with something for everyone. Theater, storytelling, and Jason’s amazing sleight-of-hand that never ceases to astound me.
— Nelson Griswold, President of Bottom Line Solutions

Getting Swindled Has Never Been This Much FUN!


As an inquisitive young man, Jason Michaels was intrigued by the art of magic and similar, related subjects. Four pivotal moments shaped the course of his future…

  1. He discovered the game of poker.
  2. He began studying the discipline of sleight-of-hand.
  3. His girlfriend convinced him to visit a fortune teller.
  4. A con artist stole thousands of dollars from him.

The CardShark is Jason Michaels's live, autobiographical, one-man show.  When you venture into the world of The CardShark you will...

  • See demonstrations of how sleight of hand amazes and deceives,
  • Learn how con artists fleece unsuspecting victims,
  • Pull the curtain back on fortune tellers who weave hypnotic spells,
  • Understand why you shouldn't play cards with strangers!

Experience the magic, learn the lessons, and get lost in the incredible story of The CardShark!

Jason Michaels performs impossible feats with a deck of cards.
— The Tennessean
The man’s got a winning personality and keeps up a constant patois… Michaels uses his skills for good, not evil…It’s entertaining, not to mention educational…It makes for a fun — if philosophically disturbing — show.
— Marty Fugate, Your Observer
…how and where Michaels finds cards only they [audience members] are supposed to know or have somewhere on their person is truly extraordinary.
— Marie Kilker,
A treat of tricks…entertaining and frequently surprising…his tricks are impressive and you feel constantly amazed…a fun evening.
— Jay Handelman, Sarasota Herald-Tribune

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