You Can Do the Impossible, Too! - The Book

RELEASES May 23, 2017!

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How One Man Overcame Tourette’s Syndrome to Become an Acclaimed Professional Magician and How You, Too, Can Live Your Biggest, Boldest Life!

Jason Michaels is a multi-award-winning professional magician and motivational speaker who has entertained audiences in over a dozen countries around the world.  He has lived with the debilitating neurological disorder Tourette’s Syndrome from childhood.

As a teenager with an uncontrollable movement and tic disorder, he dreamed of overcoming the annoying twitches and vocalizations and becoming a professional entertainer.

This is Jason’s remarkable and inspirational story.

In “You Can Do the Impossible, Too!”, Jason shares…

  • A vulnerable and honest perspective of what it’s like to live with an uncontrollable disorder that often alienates and embarrasses him,
  • How, as a teenager, he identified and began working toward living the life of his dreams,
  •  Incredible true adventures from his career as a professional magician,
  • The principles and techniques he discovered to become a success in business and in life,
  • Several of his favorite magic tricks that he teaches you how to do!

Read Jason’s story and you will be inspired and motivated to overcome the impossible challenges, self-imposed limitations, and overwhelming odds in your life, too.


You Can Do the Impossible, Too! - The Book

RELEASES May 2017!

Sign up now to be notified about a special pre-release deal.  Get your copy of Jason's book for FREE before it releases to the public at full price!

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