The world needs you, Mr./Ms. Entertainer. If you bring smiles and laughter, if you create amazement and awe, if you help people forget their difficult days - the world needs you. And it needs you in a big way.

I’ve traveled around the world. I’ve met soldiers far away from home. I’ve met men & women worried about how to pay their bills. I’ve met kids who were dealing with health issues that no one should ever deal with.

That’s because life is hard. Just look at the the news. Every day there are stories of difficulty and pain. The next time you’re on social media, look beyond the pollyanna-like lens that everyone wants you to think is their life and see what is really going on. Think about that conversation with your friend where he/she was dealing with doubt and frustration.

Entertainers, like you and me, are a noble breed. We are a bright light in someone’s tough day. We give the gift of happiness and child-like wonder. I’ll say it again, the world needs you and me.

Entertaining audiences, for me, began as a passion. Since then, it has become a calling. I believe it is my job to bring hope, wonder, and joy to as many people as possible. I am called to help people get through tough days through the ray of light called entertainment. Why do you entertain?

If your reasons for entertaining are similar to mine, then you also have a responsibility to get in front of as many audiences as possible. The question is, how do you do that?

Answering that question has been a process of educating myself on the subjects of sales and marketing for the last twenty years. And honestly, the answer will be a little different for every entertainer.

In an effort to help hungry, passionate entertainers create as many opportunities as possible, I’ve decided to start sharing my expertise. I’m doing that through a brand-new, small-group program called “Secrets of Booking Agents and Entertainment Directors.”

In the program, I’m personally teaching the most effective techniques for connecting with, building relationships with, and doing business with these powerful decision makers. Think about it, one contract made with a booking agent or entertainment director can yield multiple shows, touring opportunities, and far more money than a booking though some “Gig - whatever” website.

If this program sounds like something you would like more details on, click here to learn all about it.

Photo above by David Rama from Pexels.

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