Happy Monday Morning! In today’s #MotivationMonday I tackle two questions submitted by viewers…

  • How can I keep from falling under the labels people put on me?

  • How can I keep a positive attitude?

Confession: I hate labels. And for the most part, I can’t stand critics either.

People who critique you and try to label you and me are trying to influence the way we see ourselves. When you accept a label as true, you are limiting yourself to whatever you believe that label means. You are allowing someone else to define you. You are handing over your power to someone else. (Just typing those words makes me sick.)

It’s interesting that this is today’s topic. I just wrote an entire article last Friday that is all about defining yourself.

You see, I believe that you and I have almost limitless possibilities. We can live our lives creating ourselves any way we choose. The moment we accept a label, however, we become limited by what we think that label means.

Do you really want to give someone else the power to define the way you see yourself? I implore you not to do it. Ignore any and all negative labels. Shed off any labels that do not give you power.

Regarding having a positive attitude…make a choice to be positive.

Oh Jason, it’s just not that easy, you say. Well you’re wrong. Because it is that easy.

Your positive “muscles” may not be strong. You may not be used to choosing positivity over negativity, but it is do-able. And the more days that you wake up and choose to be positive, the easier it gets. One day you will wake up and it won’t feel like a choice, it will be the way that you have chosen to view the world.

Muscles will not grow and become stronger without fuel. That’s why I constantly feed my positive muscles with motivational, inspirational, and feel-good stories of people doing great things in the world. Starve the negativity out of your life. Limit your interactions with negative people. Don’t pay attention to all the negativity of the news media.

Make your choice, stand firmly behind it, and it will get easier and easier to choose positivity every single day.

If you have 4 minutes and 56 seconds, click play on the video clip below and see what else I have to say about labels, critics, and positivity.

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