Good Morning. It’s Monday and there are things to do. So, let’s tackle #MotivationMonday.

Today’s main question is…

  • How do you stay so focused and positive all the time?

Long story short…I’m not always positive. I deal with frustration, doubt, and sadness, just like you do.

However, when I wake up in the morning, I choose to be positive. I look around at the world and choose gratitude and thankfulness to be alive.

You know, every day is a new day, and with it, brings new challenges and adventures. I choose to be thankful to see what opportunities will present themselves to me.

I also exercise daily. When I exercise, endorphins are released in my brain and they make me feel good. That exercise helps me gain momentum. And that momentum pushes me forward to the next task at hand.

Because exercise is often challenging, I am also sending myself a message. That message is that I can conquer any challenge that appears.

As far as being focused, every Monday I write down the things that I plan on accomplishing that week. Throughout the week, I review that list to make sure I am staying on task. It would be too easy for me to be thrown off track if I didn’t have a list. My weekly list helps me stay focused.

To learn more about how I stay positive and focused, watch the short (4:22) video below. Than, leave me a comment or question in the comment box below. Have a great Monday!


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