It’s a glorious Monday here in Nashville, TN this morning. I hope it is where you are, too.

In today’s #MotivationMonday video, I tackle two questions…

  • To overcome a challenge, should you ignore it or acknowledge it?

  • How do you keep your challenge from defining you?

As far as ignoring or acknowledging the challenge that you are dealing with…that is a very personal decision. Both answers are right.

I have ignored my Tourette Syndrome and I have also acknowledged it. And at different times in my life, both of those choices were right for me.

When I was getting established as an entertainer, I didn’t want anyone to view me as the “Tourette Syndrome magician.” Interestingly enough, years later as I was embracing the idea that I could speak to people and inspire them, I began speaking about living with Tourette Syndrome.

Your decision really comes down to your comfort level and how you want the world to perceive you. I learned this from experience though…you can gain ownership and power over your challenge if you are willing to acknowledge it. Being willing to talk about it, took the sting out of it for me and gave me power over it.

Regarding whether or not the challenge defines you…I firmly believe that you define yourself. In fact, I just wrote a blog article it recently. Check it out here.

Maybe I should just ask you. Do you want your challenge to define you?

I’m guessing your answer was probably no. And that’s right. You are so much more than a challenge that you are dealing with. We (people) are multi-faceted. We have likes, dislikes, multiple gifts and talents, and yes - we also have challenges. Challenges (even overwhelming challenges) are just one small part of you. You are made up of so much more.

I talk a bit more on these subjects in the short (5:38) video below. Enjoy!

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