Hey There and Happy Monday! In today’s #MotivationMonday I take on two interesting questions…

  • Will facing my challenges make me stronger in the future?

  • Will I be able to handle things better as the challenges come along?

A few thoughts on these questions…

No matter what challenge you are dealing with, you have the opportunity to allow the challenge define you, or you can choose to define yourself. Don’t ever let the challenge define you. You are much more than the difficulties that you may deal with in this life.

Momentum is one of my favorite things. I believe the power of momentum makes it easier to tackle the challenges we will deal with in life. Use momentum to build up your strength and to take away any power you have allowed the challenge to have over you.

Taking on challenges head-on builds mental strength. In a way, deciding to tackle a challenge makes a statement to yourself and the world. It sends a message that YOU are far more powerful than the challenge.

Dive into the short video (2:38) to get my thoughts in more detail. Have a great week!

(By the way, ignore the strange comment I make in the video about it being Tuesday.)


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