“Tourette Syndrome does not define me.”

I’ve emphatically made that statement many times. In fact, it’s probably been one of the most important messages that I’ve wanted to share with the world. I’ve seen numerous other people who have Tourette Syndrome say it, too. It’s like those of us with T.S. (or any disorder, really) want to make it clear to the world that just because we have tics, those tics do not make up who we are. Put another way, “I may have Tourette Syndrome, but Tourette Syndrome does not have me.”

So, if not being defined by Tourette’s is so important to us, how do we define ourselves, and how do we want the world to see us?

Enter two powerful words…I AM.

The words “I AM” are words of creation. They are words of definition. When you say “I AM”, the next words you say are very, very important. Those words are important because those words create and define you.

I’ve heard it said that you create as you speak. And I believe it, too. The words that we speak into our own psyches and the words that our ears hear come out of our mouths, affect our mental state.

When you say, “I AM powerful,” you feel powerful. When you say, “I AM worthless,” you begin to feel worthless. That is the power that words have on us.

Make a statement enough times and little by little, those words will permeate your mind and your spirit and you WILL start to believe them.

And while this may sound a little ominous and scary, it’s actually quite an exciting idea, because it means that you can create yourself as anything you want to be.

When I became serious about writing my book, I started calling myself (and introducing myself to people as) an author. I hadn’t written a book yet, but I was actively writing one. I was also committed to completing that book.

By calling myself an author, I was constantly reinforcing the idea in my own head that I was an author. And by telling other people I was an author it forced me to continue working on the book, even when it was difficult and I didn’t feel like it. By proclaiming to the world, “I AM an author,” I became one.

The mental and physical challenges that so many of us live with on a daily basis, do not define us, unless we allow them to. I think it is very important to identify and name the difficulties that we deal with. However, I believe it is far more important to define ourselves based on who we want to be to ourselves and to the world.

So, what is YOUR “I AM” statement?

Here’s my challenge to you today. Make a powerful, affirming, positive “I AM…” statement today. Choose to be the best version of yourself and proclaim it to yourself and to the world.

Then, after you do that, make another powerful, affirming, positive “I AM…” statement that you can grow into. The person that you become tomorrow is created by what you tell yourself today.

I believe that it’s time to change the narrative. Instead of talking about the things that do not define you and me, let’s speak words of creation instead. Let’s use “I AM” to redefine ourselves and become powerful beyond measure.

So…what is your “I AM” statement? Don’t forget, you create as you speak.



Growing up with Tourette Syndrome was hard - very hard, but I learned that it wasn’t impossible. If you (or someone you love) has Tourette Syndrome, or another challenge that feels “impossible” to live with, and you need a shot of inspiration - enjoy the first five chapters of my book absolutely free by providing your name and email below.