I know what you’re thinking, ”Motivation Monday…on a Tuesday?”

Since we celebrated Memorial Day here in the States yesterday and pretty much no one was trying to get anything done, I thought it would be a better idea (and more appropriate) to help you kick-start your week by sharing #MotivationMonday today.

Today we explore two questions…

  1. How do you create the burning desire to succeed every day?

  2. Can I do this without most people noticing I have other challenges?

As far as creating the burning desire to succeed…I focus on becoming excellent at things I am passionate about. I don’t know anyone who got into the business of performing magic tricks because they thought, “Hmmm…this looks like a great business idea.” Yeah, that’s a big fat no.

I had to figure out how to turn my love for performing sleight-of-hand and for performing onstage into a money-making venture. I have a burning desire to succeed at performing magic because that success will mean that I will get to share magic with people. And that excites me!

I’m also very goal oriented. I HATE failing at things that I have committed to succeed at. In fact, I take it personally. Setting and focusing on my goals on a daily basis helps keep that burning desire nice and hot.

Finally, I am involved with an accountability group. This group meets weekly on a phone call and we hold each other accountable on the goals we have set. Because I hate failure so much, I push myself to accomplish the things that I may not have the willpower to do on my own.

Regarding challenges…I’ve learned that at some point in life, everyone is dealing with some sort of challenge. Don’t allow the things that challenge you to have any power of you. In fact, I recently wrote an article about being willing to ‘own’ your challenges. It is an incredibly powerful mindset to adopt. You can read that article here.

I share my thoughts on all of these topics in today’s short (4:56) video below. Check it out and then let me know what you think in the comment box under the video. Thanks!


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