Good Morning! Today’s Motivation Monday article answers two questions…

  • Where do you find the drive and fortitude to achieve your goals?

  • Have you ever thought about giving up?

It can be really hard to achieve your goals when you have a big vision. I share what I think is my most compelling reason why achieving your goals is sooooo important…and it has to do with leaving a legacy long after you and I leave this earth.

As far as giving up goes…who hasn’t thought about giving up? Seriously! It’s completely normal. My defeating thoughts can be incredibly depressing and frustrating. At one point I even thought that I had wasted my entire life on a frivolous journey. Taking ownership of my thoughts and reframing them were incredibly important to moving past them.

I share a few more thoughts on these topics in today’s video (3:34). I hope you’ll take a few minutes, watch the video, and then share your thoughts with me below.


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