Hey There! It’s #MotivationMonday time and I’m wondering what you are going to do this week that is going to be awesome. Have you thought about it?

I’m here again this Monday morning to answer another question that was submitted to me about success, motivation, and overcoming obstacles. This one goes to a very deep, honest place. Here is what the submitter wanted to know…

  • Will others see me as a failure if I am unable to reach my goals?

I’m honored that people feel comfortable enough with me and trust my opinion enough to ask me questions like this. I also love that the person who submitted this question is willing to face some inner fear and ask anyway.

The way I see it, there are two things to consider…

  1. Are the people in your life generally supportive or negative?

  2. Are you a dreamer or a doer?

I go into depth on both of these topics in the short (3:15) video below. Click play, listen and watch, and then tell me what you think about my answer.


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