We’re getting started this week with a question about support and accountability. Every time I start a new project I have a ton of energy and excitement. As I meet the resistance of daily life, however, it gets tougher to get the things done that I know I need to do. The person who submitted today’s question wants to know how to stay the course and move toward the accomplishment of his/her goals without feeling needy. Here it is…

How can I get collaboration and support without feeling needy?

If you’ve ever started trying to live your dream life or accomplish big goals, you know how important it is to get support from others to help you get there. My answer to today’s question comes in the form of a mastermind and accountability group. I have been a part of different mastermind relationships and accountability groups for years and I strongly recommend finding or forming one.

(In fact, I have my weekly phone meeting with my mastermind & accountability group in a few hours.)

To learn more about the functions of a mastermind and accountability group, how you can benefit from one - like I have, and how to get involved with one, watch today’s short (3:18) video.

After you finish watching the video, think about this…who do I know, respect, and trust that would be a good partner in a mastermind and accountability relationship?

See you next time!


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