Monday brings a fresh start to a new week. There’s a certain type of energy buzzing on Monday as people are back in the office doing business and making things happen. That’s why I’m excited to discuss my thoughts on the question I was submitted this week. Here’s what we’re talking about…

How do you keep working hard when you are physically weak and tired?

Now if I’m being honest, it makes me a little sad when I think about people being physically weak and tired. Working towards a goal or a dream often gives me a shot of energy. I do realize, however, that many people’s days are very full and exhausting. With that in mind, I offer you three ideas on how to overcome physical weakness and/or fatigue.

In today’s short (3 minute, 15 second) video I touch on the following ways to energize you…

  • Changing the time of day when you choose to work hard.

  • How seeing the “finish line” can energize you.

  • The importance of exercise to overcome tiredness.

I hope these ideas help!


P.s. - What do you think? Leave a comment or question in the comment box below and let me know what you think about my ideas.


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