Well, technically my 2019 tour began on January 1 when I woke up in Curacao with the Magic All Stars. That tour lasted around two weeks and took us to Curacao, Honduras, Guantanamo Bay, and the Bahamas. We made a stop in Baltimore, too (but don’t ask, that’s a wild and crazy story.)

However, today is the first show in a six-week long tour that is scheduled to take me over 7,000 miles while I perform 24 shows. My team arrived last week and we rehearsed and spent time preparing. Because I perform several different types of shows every year, I have to stay on my toes with rehearsals and practice.

Sometimes I find myself performing my interactive sleight-of-hand show, The CardShark. That is what I was doing with the Magic All Stars earlier this year. Other times I perform a scaled down show that I can pack in a suitcase. Still other times (like now), I’m driving a box truck full of large stage illusions with a team of three other people to perform a 90 minute long show in performing arts centers and theaters.

In honor of the family friendly magic and illusion show that begins tonight in Texas, I share with you one of the first illusions I ever performed way back when. Enjoy!


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