I love it when people ask questions like the ones I tackle in this week’s Motivation Monday. It tells me that there are plenty of folks who are ready to stop playing games with themselves and are ready to start getting real. Here is what we are discussing today…

  1. Are there times you want to just give up?

  2. How do you get past those times?

For the longest time I simply wouldn’t show a side of myself to the world that was very human. I only wanted to show that I was a superman, with no vulnerabilities. However, that simply wasn’t reality.

We all experience doubt. We all question ourselves from time to time. These are universal issues that everyone deals with. It’s when we finally embrace the full depth of our humanity, including the frustrations that we sometimes deal with, that we can grow.

Some of my answers to those tough questions touch on…

  • That feeling defeated is a temporary mindset.

  • One of the big reasons why I write down my goals and dreams.

  • Accountability groups and peer support.

I hope you enjoy this short (3 minute) video.


P.s. - If you have questions or topics that you would like me to address, please leave a comment below in the comment box.


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